At National Recoveries we strive to be caring and compassionate towards the clients we work with, the consumers we serve and the charities we support. We are invested in giving back to our community and making an impact by partnering with local organizations. Each month, our company chooses a local charity that aligns with our core values for employee donations. During the month of February our charity of choice was Bridge for Youth.

Bridge for Youth located in Minneapolis, provides resources and additional assistance to youth and families during hard times. The Bridge welcomes those in need 24/7/365, serving more than a thousand people each year creating an opportunities to move towards a brighter future.



February 2020
Bridge for Youth

The chosen charity was Bridge for Youth...$2,368.59 was raised! Raised money by holding a companywide “Penny War” competition

December 2019
The Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

Amount donated 544 pounds through internal food drive

September 2019
Backpack Project MN

The chosen charity was Backpack Project MN…$10,195 was raised!

August 2019
Racca Foundation

The chosen charity was Racca Foundation…$9,145 was raised!

July 2019
Zucker Foundation #GIVE16

The chosen charity was the Zucker Foundation #GIVE16…$16,000 was raised!

June 2019
Pompe Warrior Foundation

The chosen charity was Pompe Warrior Foundation…$10,090 was raised!

April 2019
Make-A-Wish Minnesota

The chosen charity was Make-A-Wish Minnesota…$11,636 was raised!

March 2019
Brown Boys Benefit

The chosen charity was Brown Boys Benefit…$10,930 was raised!

February 2019
The Bridge for Youth

The chosen charity was The Bridge for Youth…$10,260 was raised!

January 2019
Coon Rapids Police Department

The chosen charity was the Coon Rapids Police Department…$10,063 was raised!

October 2018
Moe123 Scholarship Fund

The chosen charity was Moe123 Scholarship Fund… $11,985 was raised!

September 2018
Camp Odayin

The chosen charity was Camp Odayin… $10,040 was raised!

August 2018
Kyle Rudolph’s END ZONE

The chosen charity was Kyle Rudolph’s END ZONE… $10,105 was raised!

July 2018
Sweet Dreams for Kids

The chosen charity was Sweet Dreams for Kids… $8,845 was raised!

June 2018
Rebuilding Together

The chosen charity was Rebuilding Together… $10,290 was raised!

Charities we have partnered with:

Adam Hanson, site manager at Feed My Starving Children, sent an email about making 2018 an incredible year! Here is what he had to say…

“Thank you so much, National Recoveries, Inc., for making 2018 such an incredible year in the fight against starvation at Feed My Starving Children! Over 87 National Recoveries, Inc. volunteers signed up to feed kids at our Coon Rapids location! That is potentially 174 donated hours and as much as 18,792 meals sent out to rebuild communities all over the world! This is a huge impact. Thank you!”