Department of Education

Downloadable Forms

The following forms are currently only available for download in writeable Adobe PDF. Please visit Adobe's website to download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader if needed. All forms can be filled out electronically and saved or printed and filled out manually. You may also contact us to request the forms be mailed to you instead.

Repayment Forms
Title of Form PDF Download
National Recoveries FIS Download PDF
National Recoveries Rehabilitation Agreement Letter Download PDF
Financial Disclosure Statement for Standard Repayment Download PDF

Discharge Forms
Title of Forms PDF Download
Closed School Discharge Application Download PDF
Disqualifying Status Discharge Application Download PDF
False Certification Ability to Benefit Discharge Application Download PDF
Unauthorized Signature Discharge Application Download PDF
Unpaid Refund Application Download PDF

Hearing Forms
Title of Form PDF Download
Financial Disclosure for Wage Garnishment Hearing Download PDF
Request for Wage Garnishment Hearing Cover Page Download PDF
Treasury Offset Request for Review Download PDF